Sample Savage Box

Ignite your passion for freedom and try 2 roast of our premium coffee along side some straight SAVAGE GEAR! Show your patriotism with our one-of-a-kind USA hat. Fuel your day with 2 of our sample size premium coffees in our 12 oz tumbler and master every task with our multitasking wallet tool!

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Dark Roast

Full Body Blend

One of our personal Favorites here at Savage Sip, our Full Body Blend is an extremely good Dark Roast Coffee that hits the spot.

It’s heavy, yet medium style flavor is right on point and a game changer in the morning for anyone who needs a “real” cup of coffee.

A very nice dark roast imported from a rare region in Bali. Our Full Body Blend coffee is grown in Volcanic Soil, Hand Picked, wet hauled and Dried on Raised beds to perfection. Slowly Roasted at the finest temperature, it is also grown and prepped at an Altitude of 1600 Meters. Very Rare in the United States and is known as a very high-end coffee.

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Medium Roast

Blackout Blend

Imported specifically for us to sell to our customers, this was a must have.

The taste is rich, yet not to rich. It has a great aftertaste and is just such a freaking premium coffee, we went the extra mile to make sure we could provide it to everyone.

Our Blackout Blend is roasted in a such a fascinating matter, that just by seeing how it comes to life speaks wonders to the taste.

We picked this Coffee because of the rarity and flavor it brings to our blend.

This is a very fine coffee with such a robust organic taste for a medium roast. This Coffee is grown in a rare clay style soil that feeds rare minerals through the entire growth process. Our Blackout Blend is imported from Mexico, where we had to strike a deal to allow the overall import and to be allowed to offer it, as it is an exclusive coffee with a very limited supply.

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Light Roast

Breakfast Blend

Our Breakfast Blend is a Nice Smooth style Coffee that although is on the Medium side, it truly gives you that control to make a light, medium or dark roast.

The smooth, yet solid flavor it contains is just the right push for almost all coffee lovers.

Our Breakfast Blend is a very smooth, high-end coffee that really holds no competition to other “Breakfast Blends”, as it is an extremely rare roast that is offered by only 3 companies in the United States with Savage Sip being one of the selected handpicked few. Grown in Volcanic Soil, all natural and at an elevation of over 2500 Meters, our Breakfast Blend is such an Exclusive Roast that we went full force to import from South America in an area that we must keep confidential. When we struck the deal to import this coffee, that was part of the agreement, and to be allowed to offer such a roast, given that privilege, we will respect that agreement & let our customers reap the rewards of the hard work and rarity of this coffee.

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