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Blackout Blend 12oz. bag

Blackout Blend 12oz. bag

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Our Blackout Blend is a perfect style Medium Coffee.

Imported specifically for us to sell to our customers, this was a must have.

The taste is rich, yet not to rich. It has a great aftertaste and is just such a freaking premium coffee, we went the extra mile to make sure we could provide it to everyone.

Our Blackout Blend is roasted in a such a fascinating matter, that just by seeing how it comes to life speaks wonders to the taste.

We picked this Coffee because of the rarity and flavor it brings to our blend.

Don’t even hesitate on deciding to get it… just get. You won’t regret Our Savage Sip Blackout Blend… not for a second. 

This is a very fine coffee with such a robust organic taste for a medium roast. This Coffee is grown in a rare clay style soil that feeds rare minerals through the entire growth process. Our Blackout Blend is imported from Mexico, where we had to strike a deal to allow the overall import and to be allowed to offer it, as it is an exclusive coffee with a very limited supply.

All of our main blends are available in:

Ground (A nice Grind that is prepared for all regular coffee machines)

Espresso (A carefully executed Fine Grind for all Espresso Machines)

Whole Bean (For those of you who like to make your own perfect grind and more)
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