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Breakfast Blend 12oz. bag

Breakfast Blend 12oz. bag

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We of course offer our Signature Savage Sip Breakfast Blend that is a top pick for all of our customers.

Our Breakfast Blend is a Nice Smooth style Coffee that although is on the Medium side, it truly gives you that control to make a light, medium or dark roast.

The smooth, yet solid flavor it contains is just the right push for almost all coffee lovers.

You cannot go wrong with our Savage Sip Breakfast Blend.

Our Breakfast Blend is a very smooth, high-end coffee that really holds no competition to other “Breakfast Blends”, as it is an extremely rare roast that is offered by only 3 companies in the United States with Savage Sip being one of the selected handpicked few. Grown in Volcanic Soil, all natural and at an elevation of over 2500 Meters, our Breakfast Blend is such an Exclusive Roast that we went full force to import from South America in an area that we must keep confidential. When we struck the deal to import this coffee, that was part of the agreement, and to be allowed to offer such a roast, given that privilege, we will respect that agreement & let our customers reap the rewards of the hard work and rarity of this coffee.

All of our main blends are available in:

Ground (A nice Grind that is prepared for all regular coffee machines)

Espresso (A carefully executed Fine Grind for all Espresso Machines)

Whole Bean (For those of you who like to make your own perfect grind and more)
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