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Breakfast Buzz K-Cups

Breakfast Buzz K-Cups

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12 K Cups packed in our innovative freshly sealed, reusable bags.

Our Breakfast Buzz Blend is a very Nice and Smooth Medium Roast that tastes amazing going down the hatch. It’s not a light roast, yet not a dark roast, but it is in the Heavier Medium Roast style Blend.

Perfect for anytime of the day and paired well with everything.

Our Breakfast Buzz Blend is freshly roasted to order for each and every customer. None of our coffee sites around waiting for a purchase.

When we receive your order, we start roasting the beans and proceeding with our pure and fresh roasting style, only providing you the best fresh roasted coffee there is.

Our K Cups fit all style K Cup Brew Machines and Instead of coming on the “traditional” box. We Put them in our high end, stay fresh, reusable bag to guarantee the longevity of your coffee after you receive it.

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